Dear 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Parents/Guardians and Caretakers:
To protect our student and staff, we ask that all Ralph Bunche School—P.S. 125
parents/guardians, caretakers, guests and visitors use the following procedures:
• Present identification, sign in, visit the main office and obtain a pass and/or
escort before visiting halls, classrooms, or other school-areas.
• Enter the school only by the front doors.
Please note that the outside doors will be locked at all times during the school day.
Students and staff can exit through all monitored outside doors, but entry will not be
Every school in the New York City Department of Education has a comprehensive
safety plan, which lists visitation, arrival and departure procedures. The New York
Police Department has reviewed and approved the safety plan for 2012-2013. The
Ralph Bunche School Campus Safety Committee reviews the safety plan on a regular
basis and members have the knowledge and confidence to respond quickly and
correctly in the event of an emergency.
I would note that any person(s) found to be in violation of this policy will be
considered an act of trespassing and will be reported to the local police. No one is
entitled to an exception from this clearly posted regulation.
We need your help. We ask you to help by showing an interest and concern for your
school. If each of you sets an example of following the rules, policies and procedures
our students will follow your lead.
We realize that these security procedures may be somewhat inconvenient for
parents/guardians, caretakers, students and staff. However, it is necessary for us to
take these special precautions to protect our children.
Educationally yours,
Reginald Higgins