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RBS Wellness

!!!!District 5's STEM Expo!!!!
May 21, 2016
Let's Support Our Students Work in
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

RBS Grading Policy Link

Grading Policy.pdf

The purpose of any system of reporting to parents/caregivers is to strengthen the home-school partnership and to inform parents/caregivers concerning student progress.... 

Power Lunch

Our Ralph Bunche Scholar is highlighted in the short video about our lunch time volunteer reading program "Power Lunch"

Read Ahead

Uniform Policy Information

By November 4th, all K-5 Students are expected to wear the school’s uniform.  For further information read the

information in the link.

Policy Link

Asphalt Green Waterproofing Program

Below are the links to sign your child up for swimming and water safety lessons

Permission slips

Olympian Swimmer 

Cullen Jones 

Visits The Ralph Bunche School

article link

Please Review our Drop-Off Procedures for 
Grades 3, 4, and 5

What are the 

Common Core State Standards?

Parents click on the link below to watch a video from New York State that explains what the CCSS are and how they are being implemented in school.

More Physical Education

BOKS has joined with the Ralph Bunche School in helping to make our students more physically fit and active.  Click on the link below to find out more about our new affiliation.

Swimming Has            Begun!!!!

If your child is participating in our school's swimming lessons please make sure they are prepared with all necessary equipment that was listed on the permission slips.

Learning Partners Project

PS 125 LPP Project Video.mp4

ATTENTION....all parents/guardians: 
Please click on the picture link 
to review our school's 
"Cell Phone Policy".  

Cell Phone Policy.pdf




Swimming Instruction with Agnes Davis

There is a positive correlation between students that swim and their academic performance in the classroom.  Swimming is an activity that helps improve overall concentration.  SWIM SWIM SWIM I SAY works with the most endangered age group and their efforts help to decrease national drowning rates.  Moreover, SWIM SWIM SWIM I SAY assists in keeping children healthy.

Swim Swim Swim I Say

Official Website of Swim Swim Swim I Say 

Read more about swimming at PS 125 
<-------click on picture
"DNAinfo New York" Article 

Appropriate School Language

Please click on the picture link below to review The Ralph Bunche School's 
policy on appropriate language in and around the school building.


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