February Principal Newsletter

With the second term well under way, we want to thank everyone for your continued support of our scholars, teachers, and school as we collectively strive to provide optimal opportunities for learning each and every day. In addition, we want to also thank our Parent Association for working hard to make our Pre-Kindergarten Open House Event a success.  This year, instead of staff leading the tour we allowed our parents/caregivers to lead the open house events for prospective families. Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Open House will take place on February 7th.

RBS administration and faculty value the important contributions families make towards a scholar’s success in school.  There is no question about—success at school starts at home.  Families are the most significant influence in a scholar’s schooling.  Families model both spoken and silent language in front of their scholars.  One of the great hallmarks of a great school is the partnership between the school and families who work together for the best interest of all RBS scholars. Make an effort to participate in the Parent Association.

Family has been the foundation of African American culture from times of slavery through the turbulent days of forced racial segregation.  Family is not only defined by our blood lines but by our shared commitment to each other as members of this community.  In the month of February we recognize the central role of African Americans in American history like Dr. Ralph J. Bunche. Our theme this year is “Embracing our Greatness.” Ralph Bunche, Barack Obama, Charles Drew, Carter G. Woodson, W.E. B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, Garrett Morgan, Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells, Phyllis Wheatley, Ronald McNair, Madame C.J. Walker, Mae Jemison, Shirley Caesar and Michelle Obama.  The theme for Black History Month 2018 honors "African Americans in Times of War" like the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, who were highly decorated for their service in World War II. 

Scholars need to be provided time to explore their world and experience the joy of discovery.  As we celebrate this month, it is helpful to keep in mind the contributions made by all ethnic groups but more importantly African Americans.  School and home must work together to build skills and knowledge, develop a strong sense of self-worth and reinforce values.

At the beginning of this school year we set out to increase our attendance rate to be over 90%. It is with great sadness that I report that we are not meeting our goal and below citywide expectations for an elementary school.  We continue to share with families that attendance and lateness concerns negatively impacts a scholar’s performance in class. 

TIPS for Families

·        Let your scholar know that you think school is important.

·        Set a regular bedtime and enforce it.

·        Provide your scholar with plenty of time to get ready for school.

·        Provide an alternate transportation plan for getting your scholar to school on time.

·        Make sure your scholar arrives at school on time daily.  Classes begin promptly at 8:00a.m. Scholars should arrive at least ten minutes early.

·        Plan medical, dental, and other appointments before and after school if possible. If appointments must be during the school day, plan them so that your scholar does not miss the same class every time.

·        Request a meeting with the school’s Attendance Team or Parent Coordinator to discuss your scholar’s attendance concerns.

If your scholar should arrive late to school, please come in to the main office and sign them in.  If this is not possible, you may send your scholar with a note from your, doctor/dental/court excuse slip to let us know your scholar will be arriving after 8:00a.m.  Our scholars would not be as successful as they are without your support.

New York City Education Neglect Law states that parents/caregivers who fail to have their children attend school are subject to the following:

·        Neglect charges may be filed against the parent/caregiver;

·        Students may be referred to the Family Court and other community based interventions

No school on Friday, February 16th due to the Luna New Year holiday. There will be no classes during February 19 – 23 due to the Mid-Winter Recess.  All scholars are expected to be back on Monday, February 26, 2018.

Special Announcements

v School Leadership Team meeting on February 6th at 4pm

v PK Winter Olympics Event on February 7th

v RBS After-School Fair for Families on February 7th from 5pm – 7pm

v PK and K Open House on February 7th at 9am in room 211

v Parent Association Meeting on February 12th at 6pm

v Mid-Winter Recess from February 19 - 23

Thank you for your continued support.

Educationally yours,

Reggie Higgins, Principal




Reginald Higgins