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Promotion in Doubt Meeting for Students with Disabilities and ENL Students

How do schools make promotion decisions?

  • Promotion decisions are made by each school principal based on multiple measures of student readiness for the next grade level in English and math.

  • Teachers review student work from the school year to identify students who may not be ready for the work of the next grade in English language arts and/or math, even with support. Students whose work shows they are ready for the next grade are promoted by the principal in June.

  • If a student's work shows they may not be ready for the next grade level, the teacher completes and scores the portfolio. The principal makes the promotion decision based on the portfolio results.

If your child is not promoted in June based on their portfolio results, your child is mandated for summer school. At the end of summer school, the school reviews the progress of the student, and the principal makes the final promotion decision.