June Principal Newsletter

Dear RBS Family,

 As the 2018 – 2019 academic year draws to a close, I want to express to all of you my deepest appreciation for your support and a most earnest commendation for a job well done.  From time to time I tell people that the RBS is the best public elementary school in West Harlem.  I realize that’s a bit arrogant.  Still, it is true that the RBS have had a succession of outstanding years, allowing us as professionals to concentrate on our kids and their educational program.  As a school community, we have not suffered as other schools with the negative effects of declining student enrollment or internal distractions that often shift attention away from student achievement.  Nor have we experienced the difficulties that others regularly encounter when changing their programs or curriculum.

 I know that we are not a perfect school, that up close there is much that can be improved.  Still, I am continually impressed with the community-wide respect that we are afforded as educators.  Parents/caregivers support and encourage us, and the kids, by and large, come to school daily, ready and eager to learn.  In truth, our jobs are made easier by the absence of distractions and the respect the West Harlem community holds for its kids and for learning in general.

I also tell others that the RBS enjoys effective operations because the educators, administration, and support staff have collectively agreed to roll up their sleeves and go about their work in a serious and professional manner.  As a result, the majority of kids are challenged across a broad spectrum of classes and well-planned extra curricular activities.  This is made possible because of the staff’s collective work ethic and belief that our students are capable—physically, emotionally, and intellectually—of achievement levels much higher than might be expected elsewhere.  As a school we promote, choice, interest, play and social-emotional development and we push our kids academically, we expect them to demonstrate pro-social behaviors, and we are willing to invest in ourselves in helping them to understand everything from the beginning sounds of words to the complexities of human rights.

As another outstanding year of teaching and learning comes to a close, I take this opportunity to thank the custodial team, school safety agents, food service staff, school aides, paraprofessionals, teachers, school psychologist, school social worker, guidance counselor, community base partners, volunteers, Bank Street Grant,  BMCC/Kellogg Grant Faculty for your good efforts and hard work.  We make a difference in the lives of our kids and through them I believe we are making the world incrementally a better place for everyone.

Enjoy the summer respite.  Relax, read a good book, and enjoy your time with friends, family and loved one.  The RBS will be open for summer school starting July 2 – August 8 and you are encouraged to stop by and say hello!

Have a great summer,



June Events

June 1, 2019                                                    PS 125 Spring Festival

June 3, 2019                                                    New York State Science Exam for 4th Grade

June 4, 2019                                                    No School for Students

June 6, 2019                                                    No School for Students

June 7, 2019                                                    Family Fun Friday

June 10, 2019                                                  Summer Slide Family Meeting at 8:30am

June 11, 2019                                                  No School for Students

June 12, 2019                                                  Kindergarten Moving Up

June 13, 2019                                                  Last Day for Boys and Girls Club After-School

June 14, 2019                                                  Field Day at Randalls Island (K – 5)

June 18, 2019                                                  Final SLT Meeting (4pm – 6pm)

June 19, 2019                                                  PK Stepping Up

PK - 107 at 9am and PK -112 at 10am

June 19, 2019                                                  Fifth Grade Juneteenth Celebration

June 20, 2019                                                  Fifth Grade Promotional Dance

June 21, 2019                                                  Fifth Grade Promotional Ceremony (9:30am)

June 24, 2019                                                  Fifth Grade Senior Trip to Club Getaway                             

June 26, 2019                                                  LAST DAY of SCHOOL

                                                                        Kids are dismissed at 11:30am


July 2, 2019 First Day of Summer School at P.S. 36

Reginald Higgins