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Parent-Teacher Conference

General Questions for the End-of-the-Year

  • Is my child ready to do the work for the next grade level?
  • What did you see as his or her strengths?  How could he or she improve?
  • Have you observed any special interests or talents my child may have?
  • How well did my child get along with classmates?
  • Is my child reading at grade level?  Can you show me books that are the right level of difficulty for my child and recommend books that he or she may enjoy?
  • What can I do at home to help prepare my child for the demands of the next grade level?
  • My child is doing well in school.  What extra enrichment or support should I provide to ensure his or her continued interest?
  • My child is struggling to keep up?  What support can the school offer my child to make sure he or she does not fall behind?